Jan 01

The comforts of home (a welder)

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A few heavy metal pieces of the Monitor windvane needed some welding (for strengthening and repair), so the holidays came just in time–I packed them up in my checked luggage and flew home with them. 

My dad isn’t a professional welder, but as a farmer he welds frequently.  Stainless steel is finicky so it usually requires a TIG welder; my dad has a MIG setup on the farm and the stainless wire he picked up was too thick besides, so it was a challenge.  The welds didn’t turn out very pretty, but it works, it’s strong, and the price was right.  Thanks to dad for helping us out, and props to him for making it work even with difficult conditions.

Below is a few seconds of footage of me grinding back the welds in the shop.  I wish I had some footage of the welding, but I forgot to grab the video camera.




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  1. K says:

    Wow. Whoever shot that video footage is amazing… great cinematography.

  2. Maintenance Log for Syzygy » Rebuilt Monitor Windvane says:

    […] I took a piece of it back home to my dad to weld this past christmas (before I learned how to myself).  I did a post about it on the syzygy site. […]

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