Feb 26

San Diego

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We’ve been here four days already; we intend to depart on Tuesday. So far our San Diego m.o. is to wander around running errands and looking for parts. There’s a fair amount of logistical leftovers to deal with before we leave the country, mostly bills and taxes and online crap. Even though we’re in a slip, it’s still more convenient to take the dinghy across the harbor before we hoof it around town. The dinghy ride:

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  1. bongojonny says:

    had the same motor with the same problem. carb cleaner of a rebuilt kit.

  2. Alexandra Fleming says:

    Welcome to Shelter Island! I have spent many a high-tide frolicking in the non-waves of that marvi bay. My master’s thesis field area is on the open-ocean side of the Point Loma Peninsula, on the sea cliffs running from Cabrillo National Monument to Sunset Cliffs (~7km). I could only conduct field work during low-tide, as the cliffs are very dangerous with high tide surf.
    When you sail out of the bay and look back at the peninsula, think about those rock cliffs under 1000m of water, 76 million year ago, slowly depositing by successive underwater sediment avalanches falling off the shelf edge into the deep ocean. The same process is currently happening, and will continue to happen, underneath your boat as you sail across the the Pacific.
    Great to see your website! Keep having fun!
    PS the local Ballast Point Yellowtail brew goes very well with fish tacos.

  3. Jodi Solem says:

    HeHe! Grandpa Dinghy! I’m glad to see you still laughing!

  4. Phil says:

    SO FUNNY. That Evinrude is toying with you! Hey, I posted your Evinrude engine trouble online just for the heck of it and got this reply (for what it is worth) from a specialist (I did not know what steps you have taken so far):

    You have received an Answer!
    From Tan Partin
    Sat, Feb 27, 2010 3:06 PM EST
    Hi : First you need to do a compression test, next spark check, then check fuel filter. If all is good remove carburetor and inspect more than likely you will find the carb is gummed up, high speed jet restricted. Rebuild carb reinstall. If no spark,or low compression post back.

  5. mattholmes says:

    spark plugs replaced, fuel filter cleaned, carburetor dismantled and cleaned–that was all before the video you see. I plan on recleaning the carburetor, then checking the timing settings. I finally got a good book that covers my model too

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