Jan 19

Zero wind, plenty of fun

Tag: tripsmattholmes @ 4:13 am

Jonny and I managed to get the stanchions reinstalled, and the water pump replaced, in time to sail for the weekend.  It was a beautiful day and we had a large turnout, but no wind.  After having to bleed the engine again (three times in three days–there’s an air leak somewhere, you think!) we motored out beyond the last channel markers, tried to sail, gave up in zero wind, and floated around in a lake of nearly still water.  It was a balmy San Francisco winter day, and I didn’t hear a single person complaining about the lack of wind.  After an extended period of non-sailing due to constant boat work, it felt really good to have Syzygy in sailing shape again.  And maybe next time we’ll actually have to use our sails (they’re just up for show in the picture–or to be honest just because we were too lazy to put it away).

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