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Ahora estamos en Mexico

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[writing this at the nav table, in a slip at Baja Naval, Ensenada, BC, MX; these are some disconnected notes and observations regarding the 1.5 day passage from San Diego to Ensenada]

We departed San Diego mid-day yesterday, in an attempt to time our arrival at Ensenada during the following day. At first, the wind was excellent (10 knots off the beam) and we made great time–yet again we found ourselves in a position to enter the harbor sooner than expected, in the dark, so we doused the jib and sailed obliquely away from Ensenada and then back, killing time until the sun rose (of course, on the tack back towards Ensenada the wind disappeared entirely, so instead of bobbing around in the 5 foot swell we motored slowly for a few hours).

Both of us felt a bit queasy on this passage.  The quartering sea didn’t help (in which the waves get you from the right butt cheek of the boat, if the boat had a right butt cheek that is).  I anticipate that the first day or two on passage will probably take some getting used to, each time.  However, once again the hardest thing about the passage was getting adequate sleep.  As soon as we were secured to the dock this morning we got back in bed and napped for another few hours.  I think that we will become increasingly comfortable with the abnormal schedule as we make more passages (one can hope).

We are in a slip at a marina called Baja Naval for tonight; we head south again tomorrow morning.  The check-in procedure was straightforward, except that the port captain here requires liability insurance, and there’s only one insurance place in town that does it, and they charged $210 for a year’s worth of insurance that probably isn’t worth jack because I doubt if they would ever pay any claim (the woman would not provide me with any paperwork outlining the terms of the policy).  The insurance thing is clearly a scam to take some more money from the yatistas down here.  It makes sense to me for a marina to require insurance, but not the government.  Hell, even in the USA your aren’t required to have insurance on your boat (though most marinas do require it).  We should have taken care of it while up in the states, but I had mistakenly thought that insurance was not absolutely required.

This baja naval marina is a trip.  Apparently the swell readily finds its way into the harbor, because all the boats and docks are in constant motion, as if all of us and all the docks were all lightly lashed together and set free, without any pylons or connection to land.  Like we’re tied into one big floating raft, with all the pieces going every which way and bouncing off each other ad infinitum.

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  1. Peter Mirrasoul says:

    We hope you enjoy your cruising in Mexico. Liability insurance is not a scam, but a requirement by the Mexican Government for visiting yachts. Two-hundred ten dollars is about what the same insurance would have cost you in the U.S. (and you are also correct, most marinas do require tenants to have liability insurance with the marina as the “additional insured”). It is unlikely that you’ll ever need your liability insurance, but hey, it’s a fairly inexpensive requirement in light of all the other expenses you’ve spent on outfitting your fine yacht. We sure after a couple of more weeks in Mexico, this experience will seem insignificant and you’ll be overwhelmed with the peace, beauty and freedom of your cruise. Fair winds and we hope to read more of your adventures. We’ll be down south again in November and perhaps we’ll cross wakes.

  2. Matt Winterman says:

    Mmmmmm, Beer! I’m so jealous. Congratulations on living the dream! I learned of your travels about a month before your departure from SF & wish I could have met the two of you before you left. I live with a guy that Matt worked with through WS…his name is Rad. So, he told me of your plans about 6 months after i told him that I was gonna try to buy a boat and sail away. I guess it’s one of those times in life when you make a decision, and from then on, all these signs pop-up. things you notice about places and overheard conversations about things you’ve been thinking about non-stop. Syzygy’s travels give me hope that i can make my dream come true & perhaps our paths will cross. I’m so happy for you to be starting your journey. I’ve donated some drink $ & look forward to following along.

  3. chris says:

    I love baja. Enjoy

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