Mar 04

drinks and a toast from Jon

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Karen and I have been really excited by the number of people sending a drink our way, cheering us on, and we intend to put up pictures etc for each one under the “Drinks” page.  We’ve been busy taking care of logistics still, so we have a lot of catching up to do, in the way of drinking, but I want to say thank you to everyone out there who has sent a drink our way, and eventually we’ll get to all of them!

I think it’s appropriate to kick off the drink links section with a donation of Belgian beer from Jon (Haradon, one of the other owners of Syzygy), and the toast he wrote to go with it (which he asked Karen to read to me).  Jon wishes he could be on the trip currently, and is planning on joining us in June, but in the meantime he sent us to a pub in San Diego with Belgian beers on tap (he emailed us with two location choices).  Thank you, Jon, for the Belgian beer and the kind words as well.

The footage makes Karen and I seem ridiculous.  And maybe we are.  But it was a fun evening.  (please stay tuned for the toasts from other drink donors, and thanks again to all of you we love you!)

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