Apr 09

Provisioning: shout out to Karl P. and Philip R.

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It will take us about a month to cross the ocean to French Polynesia, and reputedly everything is so expensive that you don’t want to buy anything even when you arrive.  As a result, we are attempting to pack enough supplies into the boat to last us for a few months.

Karen and I have different priorities when it comes to provisioning.  You can read her blog post for her view on the matter.  Here is my view on the matter:

This motherlode of beverages was purchased from the generous drinklink contributions of just two individuals: Karl Petzke–a san francisco-based photographer friend of mine (former jefe of mine, before I ran away from work), and Philip R from Karen’s family (the two individuals are not connected; we pooled their drink donations for this monster purchase).  I cannot explain how absolutely CRUCIAL this purchase will be to the success of this trip–my thirst is insatiable–especially in this heat–it cannot be emphasized enough!  Seriously though, a big thanks to both Karl and Philip–though far away from home, we’re feeling the love and support.

4 Responses to “Provisioning: shout out to Karl P. and Philip R.”

  1. Kristen says:

    I love it! Alcohol, always a wise choice. We’ll be sure you booze you up when we come visit! Safe travels & love from SF!

  2. Carol Anne says:

    I know of at least one ill-fated voyage that had to be cut short when the beer ran out. Looks like you’re in good shape to avoid that sort of crisis.

  3. Philip R says:

    Remember this is for medicinal purposes only.
    Have a safe journey across the pacific pond. we will monitor your progress and be prepared to help in the reprovisinng when you get to the south pacific.

  4. Ralph Brown says:

    I’m happy to see that your priorities are in the right place. I’m sure Karen will come around.

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