Apr 24

Syzygy position update from another boat

Tag: route,tripsJonathon Haradon @ 11:59 pm

Ten days have passed since Matt and Karen left the Mexico coast on April 14th.  The SPOT tracker lasted for nearly 700 miles, but the last way point from SPOT came on Tuesday, April 20th.  This was expected, in fact I’m surprised it lasted that long.  Karen’s mom has worked diligently on a way of communicating with Syzygy and managed a circuitous route.  Right now, Vicki is in contact with some people who are land-bound and have a ham radio.  Those people are able to contact s.v. Io, who are also crossing the Pacific, about 2 weeks in front of Syzygy.  The crew aboard Io are Hyo and Mike who are awesome people.  I met them when I was down in La Cruz, and Matt and Karen have become good friends with them.  Hyo and Mike are then able to contact Matt and Karen over the pacific crossing SSB net that most/all sailors check in with daily.

So with the SPOT information and a couple of updates from Io, I’ve constructed the map below to show people how far they’ve gone.  10 days, 1350 miles.   They should be turning more southerly soon and heading through the ITCZ, a band of still air that sits on the equator.  Hopefully that won’t slow them down too much.  They’ve still got 1900 miles to go!

4 Responses to “Syzygy position update from another boat”

  1. Gary says:

    Good detective work; pooling all resources and such!

  2. Vicki (MOM) says:

    Jon, thanks so much for the post & marking Syzygy’s course on the globe. It’s much appreciated. Did you see the note on IO’s blog site? I guess they talk to M & K every day on the radio. I’m so glad to know that. Stay in touch!! Vicki

  3. Mom says:

    John, I love that you are keeping track of them this way! Will you be doing this weekly- PLEASE. It’s great to see the actual course and to know they are talking to someone. Can you tell that I’m a little nervous about this puddle jumping? Sandy

  4. Janelle says:

    Go Syzygy GO!!!! Thanks for the update Jon. So great to know they are doing ok…

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