May 02

Another position update

Tag: tripsJonathon Haradon @ 2:48 pm

Day 18 finds Syzygy having crossed the ITCZ and within a day of the equator.  For the last 500 miles they have been sailing nearly due south in order to cross the ITCZ as efficiently and quickly as possible.  Now that they are in the southern trade winds, they should be able to make straight for the Marquesas.

Matt and Karen have been at sea now for 17 days and have traveled 2400 miles.  They have almost exactly 1000 more miles to go and so might be making landfall in about 7 days. 

3 Responses to “Another position update”

  1. Vicki (MOM) says:

    Jon, thanks for updating the map!! I’m so glad they have picked up the tradewinds! Will let you know if I get any new info.

  2. Elaine Morris says:

    Wow! They’re zipping right along 🙂 I hope Karen is writing in a journal every day so that we can all enjoy (or not) the experiences they are enjoying (or not) when she WRITES HER BOOK! She is such a gifted writer! Vicki is keeping me up-to-date by sending me each correspondence as she receives it. Matt and Karen are in my prayers every day. Sure wish I could be on shore to greet them wherever they make first landfall in the Marquesas … *sigh*

  3. Phil says:

    Thanks, Jon. Looking forward to hearing when they make landfall and especially hearing about their experiences at sea. They have already covered one heck of a lot of open water!

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