Jun 15

Hanamenu Bay, Hiva Oa

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(written 5/24)

I am very fond of this quaint little anchorage.  We arrived mid-morning yesterday after an overnight passage (~30 hours) from Nuku Hiva, beating upwind the entire way.  Fortunately the seas were relatively calm for us, so the upwind work was bearable.

We pulled into the anchorage to find one other boat, Magenta.  Kim and Larry on Magenta waved us off the dock when we departed Mexico, and we were in touch with them on the radio as we crossed the ocean, so it was a treat to meet up with them unexpectedly.

It is plenty windy in this anchorage, which is keeping the boat cool and ventilated and topping off our batteries at the same time.  There are goats somewhere on the hillsides–we hear them occasionally but have been unable to spot any.  We slept out in the cockpit last night under the stars, with a pleasant breeze.  The next day we dinghied to the beach to find the crystal clear spring-fed swimming hole reported by others.  By god this pool was wonderful.  The chilly water was gratifyingly refreshing, and the pool was surrounded with green plants and flowers and grass and mint, which went right into the iced tea.

We have multiple independent reports confirming that our next bay, Hanamoenoa on Tahuata, has crystal clear water where manta rays will swim with you, and empty white sand beaches.  This spot is nice, but we’re excited about the next one, so tomorrow we plan on filling up our watertanks with the spring water and then heading off.

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