Jun 15

Bloody Goat Leg

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(written 5/25)

It gets better and better.  We departed Hanamenu Bay on Hiva Oa around noon today, and it only took a few hours to reach our next destination: Hanamoenoa Bay on Tahuata.  Yeah get those names, right?  Not only are the pronunciations impossible, but every place has a name nearly identical to the one you just departed (we are constantly confounded).

Anyway, after looking like a bunch of anchoring idiots for an hour–we managed to drop it onto some rock and it kept dragging on us–we settled in to a beautiful spot.  The water is turquoise colored and crazy clear, and the beach is pretty white sand fronted by palms.  There are only three other boats nearby, so we may just wander around naked anyway.  Perhaps I will make a general announcement on channel 16: “if anyone in this anchorage would be offended by the sight of naked hotties, please respond with your boat name now.”  Nude or clothed, I suspect that this may be our favorite spot so far.

This morning, in the previous bay, we made a number of trips to the beautiful spring (mentioned in the prior post) to fill up our water jugs and deliver them to our tanks.  As we were dinghy-ing back to our boat the final time, some locals were returning to the beach in their own dinghy.  They waved us over, and as we pulled up they whipped out a big bloody goat leg and handed it over to us–apparently they had spent the morning hunting goat in the hills (successfully).  We expressed our sincerest appreciation, and I was appropriately amused by the sight of karen wielding our bloody leg as we bounced and splashed our way back to the mothership (see bloody goat leg below).

So now we’re listening to some thelonius monk while karen butchers our goat leg prior to marination, while I am preparing the bbq and writing this brief post.  It will be bbq goat leg for us tonight, which will be a first so far as I can remember at least, so I sure hope it turns out to be tasty . . .

next day:

1) I climbed the cliff along the side of the bay and jumped in the water.

2) Just before dinner we noticed a disturbance on the water.  We dinghied over to investigate with our masks and got to swim with a giant manta ray–at least 8 feet across.  Those things are like aliens, man!  But cool aliens.

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  1. Vicki (MOM) says:

    Matt, thanks for the photos & the tales of your adventures. I think your tattoo is awesome!! Looking forward to seeing it in person to see all the details & intricacies of it. The other photos are great! Looking forward to seeing you & Karen (well, mostly Karen!!) in about 6 weeks! Yippee!! Love you both, MOM/Vicki

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