Sep 16

Tonga. The Cafes Are Nice.

Tag: failures,musings,routeJonathon Haradon @ 1:43 pm

We have been in Tonga for eight days.  I want to gauge out my eyes with a spoon.  We have done nothing.  We have sat in cafes  We have ate in cafes.  We have surfed the internet in cafes.  We have drank in cafes.  Alot of drinking.

Before arriving, we had sailed eight days to Beveridge Reef, and than another three days to Tonga.  Eleven days of sailing is quite a bit.  We need a couple of days of utter relaxation after that, and so we spent the first three days exactly like that, reading, relaxing, reconnecting on the internet.

Then we decided to leave.  Then our diesel engine decided otherwise.  It decided to break.  Again.  Necessitating four more days of work.  I’ll describe this later.  And so back to the cafes we went to eat and drink.  And then we drank some more on the boat.

Cafe Aquarium rates as the most friendly.  And has free, albeit slow, internet.
Sunset Cafe has the best burgers.
The Giggling Whale is the fuel hook-up, the loudest owner, and the best art on the walls.
The best coffee can be found at Crow’s Nest.  
The best ice-cream at
The atmosphere at Tropicana is stiffling.
The  Coconet Cafe also does laundry.  But it is so absurdly overpriced you would think they were laundry peddling mobsters and it’s embarrassing to admit we spent over $100 doing laundry.
The Neiafu Yacht Club didn’t leave an impression.
We didn’t make it to the nice pizza place.

I’m supposed to be on the trip of a lifetime.  This is not how I imagined I’d be spending my time. All I can tell you after eight days in the Kingdom of Tonga is that the cafes are nice, Immigration officials will fleece you if you arrive on a week-end, and the water in the bay outside Neifu does not inspire swimming.

And having a diesel engine break sucks.

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