Oct 06

Waterproof Camera, May You Rest in Peace

Tag: failures,fun activity,humorous,routeJonathon Haradon @ 10:37 pm

(this post refers to events that happened on September 6th)

I have a litany of electronics that I have ruined because they were not waterproof and I took them near water.  Two video cameras, one camera.  Two phones.  A jump drive.  So I was overjoyed to have purchased a waterproof camera to use on this trip, where I’m surrounded by water.

The Olympus Stylus Epic 1030SW.  Waterproof to 10 feet.  SHOCKPROOF to 6 feet.  It was awesome!  No worries about getting it wet.  Spray from sailing was no concern.  Wet trips in the dinghy no concern.  Swimming on the surface was no concern.

I failed however, to properly be concerned about diving down to beyond ten feet to take pictures.

And so the last pictures my camera managed to take were of Swallows Cave.  Which was spectacular.

And almost worth the price a new camera will cost.  Allison brought one out that was quite enticing… The Olympus u-tough 8000, only available outside America.   And Olympus has another, its newest version, the Olympus Stylus tough-8020!  Shizamm!

Anyway, here are pictures from Swallows Cave.

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  1. William and Amanda says:

    Great pics guys……good job getting freed from the mud. Caught and great sea food lately? I’m in St. Croix, I’ve been trying to catch lobsters by hand….unsuccessfully I might ad. I shall persevere……Take care, be safe.

  2. Scott Crane says:

    Nice photos Jon.

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