Nov 02

Last passage

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We are currently in the marina in Noumea, New Caledonia, getting ready to sail to Australia. This last passage will be another big one, 800 miles, 5-7 days, and the weather is going to kick the hell out of us, no two ways about it. We’ve been sitting here for an extra week and a half now, waiting on a decent weather window, and it looks like the best we’re going to get is still going to be Big.

I haven’t written hardly anything here for quite a while–ever since leaving Huahine in french polynesia back in mid-august my enjoyment of the trip has been steadily increasing. We’ve seen incredibly cool things, gone places that so few people ever see, done things that I’ll never have a chance to do again. Beveridge Reef, Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, all of these places have been really fantastic. Great times, great people, un-beatable experiences.

But it’s time for me to move on. I’m ready to be done with the uncomfortable passages, I’m ready to be off the boat. I’m excited to be passing the torch on to Jon–it’s his turn to be captain, to shoulder the responsibility and corresponding reward. It took us over 7 months to get from California to here; the thought of being able to walk away from it all, jump on a plane and be back in the states in less than a day brings an overwhelming sense of–freedom. Freedom, and relief. We’ve done it, haven’t we? Yeah. Yeah, we sure have.

So it’s this passage, one more passage.

7 Responses to “Last passage”

  1. Dan says:

    You guys have done something really awesome– Great job!

  2. Phil says:

    So, to ask the obvious next question: where are you and Karen going to book a flight to? CO,CA,NJ? Other?

  3. Vicki (MOM) says:

    Bon Voyage & Vaya Con Dios. My prayers & the prayers of many others will be going with you. Be careful, be safe. Love you all!!! MOM xoxoxo

  4. mattholmes says:

    phil- already booked: brisbane to sydney to los angeles to albqurque, one week layover in los alamos, then to NJ for xmas, driving around to visit friends, roadtripping to CA to visit you guys, et al, then collecting our worldly belongings from various spots around the country, and then picking someplace to go live. I would guess that puts us back in the bay area sometime mid to late january. All subject to alteration of course!

  5. Scott Crane says:

    Matt & Karen, I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your adventure and have been duly impressed with your organization, drive and audacity. Keep up the same in the ‘real world’ and you’re going to have an incredible life.


    PS We’ll be in DC for Christmas, we would love to meet up if you have time.

  6. Alice, George, Wayne & Daniel says:

    Just wanted to say hello & good luck on this last passage. We have enjoyed checking on your progress throughout this year. It has certainly been an adventure, and one you will look back on forever.

  7. Phil says:

    Sounds fantastic. We just did a barrel tasting today at the end of my shoot and got some great reviews. The extra time on oak has really made a difference. We might have to plan in a little bottling time when you are in town so you can take some samples with you. Let me know if you need a place to hang while in town–would be happy to have you. Look forward to seeing you both in the new year!

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