Apr 18

Justin has been Promoted

Tag: Australia,humorous,JustinJonathon Haradon @ 1:31 am
I would like to inform everyone that Justin has been promoted. When Justin joined sv Syzygy, he was given the title of deck swabby. I had previously been through the rank of swabby and had been glad to be rid of it. Justin too labored under the unfair disdain from his fellow crew which accompanies the label.

I would like to announce however, that Justin’s new title is deck swabby/cook.

Despite repeatedly quoting Stephen Siegal in Under Siege, “Nah. I’m just a cook. [whispering] Just a lowly, lowly cook,” Justin has shown a high degree of enthusiasm and has taken to the role of cook with relish. In fact, since Justin joined the boat, I have only cooked one or two meals. Justin, as cook, is a god-send.

His favorite is a stir-fry with sweet chili sauce. He also makes a mean egg and sauteed potato hash. His ramon, with cucumber and a can of chicken, is fucking incredible.

Congratulations, Justin, you are now ‘just a lowly cook’. slash deck swabby.

Post-note: Justin has also applied for the position of dinghy helmsman. However, the first time he took the dinghy out for a little joy ride the engine stalled repeatedly on him. He still needs some practice, but I’m confident that another promotion is in his future soon.

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  1. Momma Cindy says:

    Congratulations on your promotion, Jus!!!! Tell Jon how you got all of your cooking skills from me!!!! LOL!!!! Love reading this blog. Your diving expedition looked incredible!!! Sorry about all of the engine trouble and getting grounded…. But…it seems like you sailors have it all under control. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy this journey of a lifetime!

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