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ex-HMAS Brisbane

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This post pertains to events that happened June 9th.

Justin and I went diving on a wreck called the ex-HMAS Brisbane just outside of Mooloolaba. ‘Ex’ because she’s sunk. HMAS is her Her Majesty’s Australian Ship. Justin was our dive master for the trip based on his getting certified more recently, three years ago, than I, fifteen years ago. He also paid for the permit and listed himself as dive master. He also has a dive computer. I have yet to figure out how mine work.

The ex-HMAS is quite possibly the best first wreck dive you could do. It was purposely sunk to create a reef and a dive site. Large panels were cut through the sides to allow easy access all throughout the ship’s interior. Justin was hesitant before diving about going through the interior; going inside a real wreck can be a serious endeavor. Once we were down though, and right next to the eight foot wide cut-outs, I found it irresistible to not meander through and motioned that intent. What a cool experience.

We almost were unable to do the dive, rough seas gave us fits as Justin tried to motor up to the mooring while I tried to snag the mooring with the boat hook. At one point, we had to execute a boat hook overboard, when I had snagged the mooring but was unable to hold on as the waves pushed us away. The boat hook was ripped from my hands. Justin did a few circles around the hook before finally closing in. We retrieved the hook and managed to secure up. And glad we were because it turned out to be a fantastic dive.

Here are a few pictures.

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  1. Ross Mann says:

    Some great stories – thanks for sharing! I think that regardless of how much nautical education one gets in preparation for being ‘captain’ that you’ll inevitably learn a huge number of lessons from experiences like these. I’ve run aground many times and although I know it comes with the territory it still feels like a failure even though it’s not.
    Something that I found very helpful was adjusting the depth sounder so that it would ‘alarm’ when the water depth reached 11 feet. My boat (like your Valient) drew about 6 feet and therefore this provided me with a 5 foot margin of error.

  2. Scott Crane says:

    An open response, nice 🙂
    Had an idea for another entry. Should your blog really be called syzygy sailing?
    Cheers buddy.

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