May 28

Maintenance Updating

Tag: Australia,boat workJonathon Haradon @ 4:29 pm
I’ve just put up 21 blog posts on our companion maintenance site, where we list all the upgrades and maintenance we’ve done to Syzygy. The 21 posts concern all the maintenance that I’ve done over the last five months since Matt and Karen left me to my own devices aboard Syzygy. They are mostly not particularly interesting stories, but for those of you who enjoy all things Syzygy, I thought I’d share.

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  1. Phil says:

    This was actually kinda interesting to read through, though I didn’t quite finish because I had this thought: I know the plan is to sell Syzygy at some point when you have had enough fun, but it occurred to me the maintenance log could be a bit of a liability if a potential buyer does some online research. Sure, it lists all the improvements and repairs, but it is also demonstrates some ongoing problems. I think the solution is simply to go back and edit all the maintenance postings with a positive spin and remove all signs of frustration. Perhaps each posting can end on a positive note, such as “And the repair went swimmingly and now the engine runs like a Swiss clock,” as opposed to: “After all that it still didn’t work; fuck me.” 😉

    We are still enjoying the Syzygy adventures. Thanks.


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