May 05

Jon’s latest contributions

Tag: boat work,tripsjonny5waldman @ 3:33 am
Jon flew home to Denver this morning, after spending a week in town with us. Here’s what he did with his week: -Climbed at the gym 3 times -Went sailing (on other peoples’ boats – a stunning Beneteau 32, a barely-afloat Catalina 27, and a 14-foot JY) 3 times -Went for an hour long run one day -Went on a date -Saw 2 bands play at local venues -Spent an afternoon helping me make a couple hundred Zero Per Gallon belts -Spent an afternoon slack-lining in Golden Gate park -Got drunk a couple of times, during which he drew this sketch of his round-the-world ambitions: (*clarification via notes on flickr) Actually, Jon did a couple more boat-related things while here that I mustn’t omit. He re-spliced the frayed main sheet on Loren’s Catalina 27, and he attached one Norseman fitting to one of our upper stays. Jon was *supposed* to help us do a lot more boat-related work on Syzygy, but, since she hasn’t arrived, ended up with a week of vacation. So here’s to a productive week, Jon. As our luck would have it, Syzygy is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Fingers are crossed.

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  1. Jonathon Haradon says:

    Unbenownst to Jonny, I paid off the shipping company to purposely delay the arrival of our boat. This way I wouldn’t have to do as much work and could have more fun. So hussle up already Jonny, and get to work, so the boat is ready to go when I get back out in June.

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