May 24

Jonny and Matt have all the fun, and what I’ve been doing

Tag: musingsJonathon Haradon @ 10:28 pm
Three months ago, when we were contemplating having our boat trucked up from Mexico to San Francisco, we picked the last week of March, because it was my spring break, to go down and get the boat ready to truck up. Unfortunately, that week didn’t work for the haul-out company; tides were too low. So Matt and Jonny got to go down to the boat two weeks later, work their butt’s off, get to know our boat, and have fun. Me? I got to sit around and do a whole lot of nothing, and a little bit of school work. So, to make up for this, I decided to take a week off from work to be in San Fran when the boat arrived so I could work MY butt off, get to know our boat, and have fun. Alas, this effort was also thwarted, as our boat arrived three weeks late in S.F., exactly one day after I departed. It was left to Jonny and Matt again to have all the fun, do all the work, and get to know our boat better. I feel a smidge guilty about all of this, like somehow, my not contributing to all the effort is somehow my fault. And I definitely feel behind in learning about various ins and outs of our boat, nuances, and feel pretty clueless, while it seems like Jonny and Matt know everything or are at least learning everything. When I think of working on a sailboat, I think of tight squeezes and awkward contortions to reach a bolt here or a fitting there. So In the spirit of working on the sailboat, I decided to find the tightest and most awkward area in my condo and do some cleaning. My efforts were captured in the photo below: mimicing sail boat work I’ve also been doing some other preparing for sailing, namely getting eye surgery. This way when the the weather is miserable, I don’t have to worry about water in my face washing out my contacts. Or when Jonny calls us on deck at 3:30 am because we’re about to crash into a rocky shoal, I’m not fumbling for my glasses. Here’s me all toked up on Vicodin right after my surgery, with clear plastic shields taped over my eyes and big sunglasses to boot. The picture is blurry to mimic what my eyes are still seeing… post eye surgery

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