Nov 26

Drastic Measures

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I’m still working on the boat, don’t worry.

I’ve been trying to finish painting the deck, for months now actually, and I am discovering that November 25 in San Francisco is a terrible time to try to dry anything.

Here’s a picture I took today:

Notice that it appears our boat is leaving the slip. Don’t be fooled: I pushed the boat half out of the slip in a desperate attempt to shine a little bit more sunlight on the deck. Unfortunately, the boat’s little trip half out of the slip and back in was the farthest it has travelled in months.

Here’s another one for you:

In this one, notice the box fan in the upper right background. I ziptied this to the stanchion and have been running it for the past 36 hours.

I don’t have a picture of me holding up one of my photography reflectors trying to dry the side deck–I lasted about 15 seconds before I realized the futility of that one.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

Also, I borrowed a heavy-duty sewing machine from Greg down the dock and I’ve been sewing our lee cloths with really crooked lines of stitches:

4 Responses to “Drastic Measures”

  1. Bruce Warren says:

    Would it help to make a tent out of plastic sheeting…a greenhouse effect to raise the temp and dry it out?.. keep off the morning dew as well.

  2. mattholmes says:

    definitely would–only reason I didn’t try that is because it would be hard to suspend that much plastic around our shrouds, mast, radar arch, etc, without it touching any of the wet stuff, and without blowing away. But yeah, I probably should have done that . . .

  3. bruce warren says:

    at the risk of beating a dead horse: a good frame can be built quickly and cheaply using 1/2” PVC pipe….. next time!?… Lots of boats use this type of arrangement to work during the cold/rainier season up in The Great White North !…cheers. Enjoy reading your website.

  4. J.D. Holmes says:

    She is looking good!

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