Dec 27

Back to the beginning

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One of the very first jobs we did when we bought the boat was replace the standing rigging [1] [2].  To redo the standing rigging is to replace the most basic structural foundation of the boat.  All the work we have done since then has, in a sense, been built on that foundation.

Last week, less than a month before we are planning on departing, I discovered that the “knees” of the boat have come unbonded from the hull.  Partially ripped off.  If the rigging is the foundation, the knees are the bedrock underneath the foundation.  Imagine digging up your house to shore up the bedrock.  Of all the projects that I anticipated we would have to do on the boat, I never saw this one coming.  It was my assumption that the knees on a Valiant 40 were more than strong enough, for anything, forever.

After much difficult deliberation, Jonny has decided to move on to other pursuits.  It’s a private affair; this is a public forum.  Neither do I wish to gloss over it; do not confuse my brevity for lightheartedness.  My opinion is that Jonny is doing what is right for him, and I support that.  I wish him luck on his path.

This has been the blog of three friends whose paths have diverged.  In the beginning, this trip was about three guys sailing around the world and making a point to the world in the process.  The trip hasn’t turned out as originally conceived.  It’s no longer three buddies all together, and I no longer feel qualified to make a point to anyone.  I have taken down the Owners and Goal page, the tagline as well, and entered them as the very first blog entries (in the archive).  I think it is important not to ignore where we started; perhaps that way we will not ignore the lessons we have learned.

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  1. Mom says:

    I have caught up on reading your entries as well as Karen’s point of view in Weather Helmed and I’m wondering why you can’t “go with the flow” of events that have happened and perhaps modify the dream? It would seem to me that just sailing to Mexico or some exotic island is a major accomplishment in and of itself and would allow you time to get back to following your new dream of starting a family with your lovely wife. Can you tell I’m anxious to become a grandmother? Whatever you decide to do, I know that it will be done with much introspection. Perhaps its time to just go with your heart. You have started another “journey” with someone who has made such a difference in the direction of your life. Set sail! This is the journey to stay on.

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