Nov 12

Free advice

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The other day, as I was using a grinder up on deck (I’d earlier drilled 18 holes, cored them, and filled them with epoxy in preparation for installing two rails to fasten the dinghy onto), a fella walked by and offered the best kind of advice there is: free advice. He was wearing a gray t-shirt from which his stomach protruded, and he had a beer in hand. It was maybe noon. I liked him already. “So when are you leaving?” he asked. I pulled my ear plugs out and turned off the grinder, and he repeated his question. “Not for more than a year,” I said. “Well, remember, after you’re all stocked up on food, then buy your electronics.” “Sounds like good advice,” I said. “Yeah, well, I’ve wrecked all my fuckin’ electronics.” He went on… he said he’d spent his whole life sailing in Maine — in fog so thick you couldn’t see your hand, and in which GPS didn’t work worth a damn — and that he’d only run aground once, “and that’s cause I was piss drunk.” Here’s thanks for his advice, and envy for his stories.

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