Feb 07

Feeling the love

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I’m in the passenger seat of the car writing this post right now, as Karen and I drive down to Bakersfield to drop off the car . . .  tomorrow we catch the train back up to Emeryville. . . things are happening quickly now

Tonight Jim and Jeanne took all for of us (Pete, Ray, Karen, and myself) out to dinner.  Jim and Jeanne have a Valiant 40 just down the dock from us, and have from the beginning been supportive fans.  I get the feeling that they believe in us, they think we have been doing the right things, they think we’re ready to do this trip.  Their vote of confidence feels pretty fantastic.  So I thank them both for tonight’s dinner, and for their ongoing friendship.

Last night we had an informal departure party at a bar in San Francisco with a sizable crew of friends.  It was uplifting and encouraging to feel the support of so many good people who want to see us succeed, who wish us well and are excited for us.  I am grateful for such friends in my life.  To be surrounded last night by rational, sensible people that were giving us the “thumbs up, good for you, we think you’re doing the right thing” . . . well it was powerfully nice.

I would like to point out that such support is rare.  Most people who hear about our trip are not particularly encouraging, thinking either that we are being irresponsible (fiscally and morally), or unsafe.  I understand why people believe those things–their reasoning is sound–so I don’t get angry and I don’t  defend myself (I feel good about my choices).  But it sure is wonderful to be with people that don’t give us a hard time, but instead a rather great time!  So thanks to you all!  And thanks also to all of you who read this blog and are excited for us!

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  1. Drewbai says:

    I certainly admire you and your crew. I really appreaciate the documentation who have created for your projects. THANK YOU and have fun!
    SV Otter V32-128

  2. Sherreme says:

    I am very inspired by what you guys are doing. Godspeed. I look forward to following your journey.

    All the best Matt!
    Cheers – Sherreme

  3. Livia says:

    I’m terribly excited for you both. I know, I know, I don’t know you but after reading the blog I feel connected in a small way and the fact that we are taking off on our own trip makes every entry of yours more meaningful to me. I can feel the excitement and anxiety and share it.

    Congratulations on a very hard fought take off. You have certainly earned some white sand and warm waters.

  4. Philippe Boujon says:

    All the best Matt & Karen! My girlfriend and I have been following your blog since Jan 07, and Karen’s blog recently, and hope to follow in similar steps within ~3 years. We admire your determination and look forward to continue reading about your journey.

    Philippe & Erin

  5. William Probasco says:

    Matt and Karen:

    I have only one sincere and ardent request; PLEASE, if you are not hiring an experienced captain, please, please, please, don’t set sail until you have learned, fully understand and have practiced the heave-to maneuver. Those who have experienced the need to employ the maneuver, have told me that, unless you have practiced it, you will not be prepared to use it in an emergency. You will likely not have to resort to it as an emergency maneuver, but if you do, it can and will save your lives. Also, it may com in very handy as a means to “take a break” from sailing for a while. You must beware not to get caught on the leeward side of an island, though. You can imagine the potentially disastrous results, if you do. In any case, I wish you the safest of journeys.

    At this point you might be asking yourself, just why does he care so much? That’s easy. Your father has been my VERY BEST FRIEND for my ENTIRE life (with exception of the three months I was born before him). I consider him my brother and, therefore, his children my nephews, although you and Andrew, understandably, may not view me in the same corresponding light. I have watched you both grow up and become wonderful men and I want NOTHING to disrupt that nor do I want my best friend to suffer such any such loss. Please take EVERY precaution to ensure a safe trip. A ham radio as a back-up, is not a bad idea.

    Regarding best friends; other than parents and perhaps siblings (and maybe not even siblings), the one most important experience one can glean from life is that of having a best friend. Clearly, I cherish my great fortune to have as my best friend, your father, who has been one of the most wonderful persons I have EVER know. I hope you can find the same joy and camaraderie in a friend that I have. It will define your character and life.

    Having said all that I wish and in hopes that I have not bored you too much, I wish you and Karen an adventurous, yet the safest of journeys! I will be monitoring your voyage and can’t wait for the full documentation review upon your return. Bon voyage!

  6. Brian says:

    Inspired and jealous…

    Cant wait to read about your adventures!


  7. Bruce says:

    Goodluck on your adventure! One thing you have demonstrated is a lot of common sense and determination to see things through. This will hold you in good stead for the trip. You have a large fan base now so keep up the blog updates!!

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