-----The Work-----



I’ve been keeping a log of all the maintenance on the boat.  It’s very concise, without much explanation, but if you are curious about every little detail regarding our boat work, this is the place to find it.


Syzygy Maintenance Log (http://www.mattholmesphotography.com/blog)



2 Responses to “The Work”

  1. Denis Carroll says:

    I have a Nonsuch 22 that I berth in Alameda.
    I would like to meet up with Paul Rosenthal for a consultation regarding blisters on my boat.

    Could you please forward some contact infromation for Paul or forward my information to him.

    Thank you!
    Denis Carroll
    (cell) (650) 465-2206

  2. mattholmes says:

    In the mess of moving out of our apartment I misplaced his contact info, but the way I originally obtained it was by calling Svendsens and asking them for a recommendation. So if you call Svendsens I’m sure they could give you his number. 510-521-8454
    good luck,

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