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EDIT TO THE FOLLOWING: We sold Syzygy in 2012.  I (Matt) am now living in the mountains rather than on the sea; I am leaving up the following for informational purposes. Best! ——————————————————- Syzygy is now for sale! For those of you who have been following the adventure, this marks a new chapter of a six year saga of the experiences of three guys who learned to sail, spent two years saving a bunch of money, bought a boat, dedicated three years upgrading her to the finest standard, and then sailed her halfway around the world. All of us have blood, sweat and tears into this boat. Memories both high and low. For others new to Syzygy, I think you will find her to be the ideal blue water cruising boat. We have spent three years lovingly bringing her into fantastic condition. Syzygy has 11,000 miles of blue water cruising with us to attest to her sea-worthiness. Valiants, designed by Bob Perry, have an esteemed reputation as one of the worlds finest blue water cruising vessels. Below, on this page, is the briefest of overviews for interested buyers. Please see this document (pdf) for an extensive list of all the equipment aboard Syzygy, the asking price, and a review of all of the major systems of Syzygy. This includes detailed information on the engine, sails and rigging, the electrical system, power generation, electronics and instrumentation, plumbing, a description of the interior accommodations and other information. If you are interested in our boat but are unable to download the file, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can answer any questions you might have.    

The Basics:


Valiant 40



Cutter rigged sloop


40 ft(12.9 m)


Bob Perry


34.5 ft(10.5 m)




12.5 ft(3.8 m)



Maximum Draft

6.0 ft(1.8 m)

Hull Material:



22500 lbs(10,200 kg)

Deck Material:



7700 lbs(3,500 kg)


Contact information of seller:

Jonathon Haradon

Main website

Website detailing all upgrades to Syzygy over last four years

Photographs of particular interest to potential buyers

Redirect to Flickr Photos website

Document with details of major systems, equipment lists, specifications, major upgrades and asking price

PDF Document

Syzygy is currently in Brisbane, Australia berthed at East Coast Marina in Manly. She’s in berth D1, feel free to come by and see her whenever you like!  

Additional Resources:


Cruising Boat Questionnaire and Checklist of Desirable Features as outlined in Nigel Calder’s book Cruising Handbook

Click here for a pdf file of self-survey. In our time with Syzygy, we have found Calder to be one of the preeminent resources for all things related to buying, upgrading and maintaining a sail boat. His books have been a boundless source of information as we went from neophytes to being able to sail half way around the world. In one of Calder’s books, ‘Cruising Handbook’ he gives a fourteen page, 675 questionnaire regarding every aspect of a boat you could think to consider before purchasing. Preempting this list, he does say when he purchased a boat, he used no more than half of the questions to help him select a boat. Different items are important to different people. And of course, you will never find a boat that has the best answer for all of these questions. Following the general outline of his survey, we have provided as much information about Syzygy as we could. This is the information you would get from a fictional ideal surveyor who had endless time on his hands to survey just Syzygy. In your boat search, I don’t think you will find current owners so dedicated to providing you with every piece of information you might need to decide if our boat is right for you. You’ll know exactly what you are getting when you purchase Syzygy, no surprises. Other boats you look at, well, I just don’t think you’ll have the same information about those boats as what we’ve provided. We hope that security of knowing what you are getting is valuable for you and makes Syzygy more attractive and deserving of your attention as potential buyers. As an FYI, this document is currently twenty pages long so it’s intense and extremely detail-oriented, and made for the most interested.  

Pictures of Syzygy of particular interest to Potential Buyers

These pictures can also be viewed through the Flickr interface here.

  You can click on the ‘show info’ button at the top (after pressing play) to see captions and descriptions of the interior.

Videos of Syzygy of particular interest to Potential Buyers


Videos will be coming soon! If you are interested in seeing a video of how something works e-mail me.

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  1. SYZYGY is for sale! says:

    […] SYZYGY IS FOR SALE!! […]

  2. Larry Benson says:

    How much for Syzygy? Did the ‘BUY US A DRINK’ button generate noticable enough donations.

  3. Jonathon Haradon says:


    The drink link was fun for us and I hope for those who sent money via it. Some friends and others did take advantage of it from time to time…. it didn’t fund the experience, but it did make a few trips to the bars and liquor store easier!

    Syzygy is currently for sale in Brisbane, Australia for $134,000 USD. You should check out the PDF. Either click here or elsewhere in the page. It shows all the work we’ve done over the last three years to get her into top shape.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly to ask any questions about Syzygy.

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