The Plan

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Matt and Karen departed San Francisco February 2010, sailing to San Diego with friends Pete and Ray.  Then Karen and Matt sailed on alone to Mexico, and left La Cruz in mid-April to cross the Pacific.  The “puddle jump” took 25 days.  I (Jon) joined the boat in the Tuamotus in June, and we spent the following few months crossing the South Pacific.  We reached Brisbane, Australia in November 2010.  Matt and Karen have now departed the trip, returning to the States in early December. I was then on the boat on my own, working on the boat doing some much needed maintenance and a whole slew of new projects. After three months of working on the boat and another three months of cruising the Queensland coast, it’s time for me to head home to the States. So Syzygy is now for sale. She will soon be located just outside Brisbane, Australia at the East Coast Marina in Manly.

Interested in taking over Syzygy and continuing the journey? Please see our ‘Syzygy is For Sale’ page dedicated to providing you with as much information as possible about Syzygy for interested buyers.Don’t hesitate to e-mail me with any questions about Syzygy or if you are interested in arranging a visit or sea -trial.

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  1. Linda Lodico says:

    Matt, I remember you talking about “the plan” on our walmart shoot. Recently re-found your web site and have enjoyed reading your blogs. Sail on – have fun. Linda

  2. Kami says:

    Looks like a fabulous trip and I look forward to watching the progress! My company is also named Syzygy, so I will be cheering you on! May your planets be in alignment throughout your journey!
    Kami Guildner

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