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Friends. Family.  Awesome people we’ve never met.  We’d love for you to fly out and join us.  Have a week next January?  Great!  But um…. we’re not sure where we’ll be.  Maybe Fiji.  Maybe Thailand.  Maybe Japan.  God help us all, not San Francisco. My point is, you’ll have to wait until the last minute to buy that flight. Um…. that’s probably pricey.  And, um….. I’ve learned to never count on going sailing when visiting the boat, because the boat has a way of putting you in your place.  It does this by needing maintenance.  We may employ you on your “vacation” to help us beach the boat, sand the hull and paint it again.  I’m just saying.  So maybe joining us isn’t the best idea for you.

But wait! You still want to enjoy a little bit of this sailing adventure!  How about we all have a drink down at the tiki bar watching the sunset over the ocean?

Maybe you can’t be there, but you can still pick up the round.  Here’s how:

1.  Figure out what drink you would like to buy a round of.

2.  Figure out how much 3 of those drinks cost in the part of the world we are currently in.

3.  Send an e-mail to drinks@syzygysailing.com or post a comment below with your name, drink choice, and (optional) toast you would like recited

4.  Click the button below to connect to PayPal and magically (electronically) buy us a round.

5.  At PayPal, follow the steps. Sign up if you don’t have an account(it’s easy).

6.  Wait for us to put up a picture of us and the drinks you chose, with your name written on a sign.  If you send along a particularly good toast, we’ll try and video that and post it as well.

7.  No fair asking Jon to drink from the yellow Nalgene. Or asking Matt to toast by reciting love sonnets to Karen.

So there you have it.  In 6 easy steps you’ll be drinking in an exotic locale.  Sort of.  Merriment to be had by all!

Here’s some documentation of us drinking rounds you bought.

Sept. 25th.  Gary P. Gary you helped make our Fiji time incredible.  We’re sorry we got you tipsy this night which I believe led you to foolishly and generously picking up our bar tab.  Too bad (lucky for you) we don’t have any pictures from your last night here…. Thanks again for joining an awesome segment of the journey.


August 26th-Sept. 4.  Jen V.  Jeffrey H.  Brett.  Brian D. We shamefully only have one picture of us drinking in Tonga.  At first we drank to unwind from sailing for 12 days, with a quick stop at Beveridge Reef.  Then we drank to unload our misery at the engine.  Jen, you bought the round we had with the customs officer who tracked us down on a Friday night and gave us a hard time.  Your donation helped us placate him with beer.  Jeff and Brett, we buried our sorrows in beers from you as we did battle with engine problems.  These were some of the most needed beers of our trip to date.  Brian, to you we toast success! Our engine works.  Thanks to all four of you for making Tonga a little more blurry.


August 10th. William and Amanda. Huahine was our last stop before a week of sailing to Beveridge Reef.  We needed the beers to beef up our fortitude. I (Jon) needed the beers to get over losing my second knife.  Thanks guys!


July 31st: Phillip R. While looking at the Moon Guidebook’s section on Moorea, a notation on the map jumped out at me (Jon).  Fruit juice factory and distillery.  Reading further, I discovered they gave out free samples of the liquor they produce.  They don’t give out free samples of the normal, non-alcoholic juice, just the booze.  After having samples of six or seven types of rum, vodka, alcoholic fruit juice, whiskey, and brandy, I went ahead and bought six or seven bottles and cartons.  Phillip, your donation was incredibly generous and we can’t thank you enough.  Karen is particularly fond of the Tahitian juice (not pictured… she drank it too fast!), which I have to admit is delicious.  The whisky was also a hit and is gone (and not pictured).  The vodka has a hint of ginger.  The brandy is called animas de’eau, pineapple water.  Trust me, it’s more than water and it’s also delicious.  Ginger flavored liquor is a key ingredient in a newly concocted drink named: Sanga di Langa, Fijian for no worries.  Philip thanks again.


August 7th: Allison A. Allison sent Matt an e-mail with a drink link request.  She had wanted to buy us a bottle of champagne to mark my arrival.  Unfortunately, we were in the Tuomotus when I arrived, Fakarava specifically, and well they didn’t have champagne in Fakarava.  They didn’t have it in Toau or Apataki either.  There was some champagne at one restaurant in Rangiroa, but it was $150 a bottle, so…. it had to wait.  Finally we arrived in Tahiti were able to go to a modern supermarket and buy a bottle of champagne.  Allison, thanks for the opportunity to celebrate and recognizing how important a moment joining the sailboat was for me.

. .


July 4th: Scott C. Scott, these pina coladas were delicious!  Frozen drinks in a hot tropical environment are awesome!   We also dined on nearly everything on the menu for lunch.  Thanks!


July 2nd:  Greg P. Greg, thanks for these beers.  The family at the Apataki anchorage was fantastic and these beers are what first broke the ice.  They taught me how to fish, they hacked open coconuts for us, they cooked up delicious fish.  Thanks for buying the first round!


June 29th: Thaddeus L. In Toau, we anchored just off a family’s bit of land.  They do an excellent job of catering to cruisers.  Karen did an excellent job describing the dinner. Four different types of fish caught that day.  Appetizers, dessert, different sauces for the fish.  It was the easily the best meal I’ve had on this trip.  Thaddeus, thanks for sponsoring this!


April 9th: Karl Petzke and Phillip R. Matt said it best in his post.  As of mid-October, we are still partaking of the cheap Mexican liquor your generous contribution enabled.  If only all places were as cheap as Mexico.


We have brazenly pirated this idea from our friends on SV SoaCahToa, three guys who sailed around the world.  Since they have finished sailing, we felt it appropriate to continue the tradition of letting others live vicariously.

5 Responses to “Drinks”

  1. Mark McCormick says:

    So I figure a couple dark ‘n stormies might be the perfect warm weather drink (of which I have had my share while sailing in the BVI) – though since I only kicked $10 I would recommend waiting to spend it it Mexico. I love your site and my wife and I have the same ambitions, eventually. We just bought an Alajuela 33 last year (also a 1978) and we are currently trapped in the Great Lakes (currently on the hard in Green Bay, WI) but not forever. Good luck to you both and fair winds. Keep posting the videos, I need to sail vicariously until the ice leaves.

    If you can manage throw on a cheese head or a Vince Lombardi fedora for the drink photo, you will earn my undying respect. Prosit! Salut!

    Mark & Laura McCormick
    S/V Palindrome
    Madison, WI

    Also, I would guess you are on a budget, but if you want a great restaurant recommendation in San Diego, try Candelas http://www.candelas-sd.com/candelas_main2.html (spendy but great.)

  2. mattholmes says:

    mark, you’re the man. thanks! drink page with pics and videos on its way, and best luck to you and laura as well. I’ll check out candelas, just to see . . . thanks again

  3. Kyle Blaylock says:

    Hi Matt and Karen!!! Hope all is well so far. I am extremely jealous of your traveling around the world. I am sure to you guys it might seem like the worst idea on certain days/times, but hopefully most of the time it is the best thing you have ever decided to do. I really wish i could meet up with you guys, but as you guys have warned us, it might be really hard to do that. So instead I would love to buy you both a drink (or a few as your journey continues) in Mexico. I have donated $20 for both of you to enjoy a few Mexican drinks. Please choose the drinks wisely (no worms in them) as I don’t want to be the cause for you missing a few days due to illness. My only request is to somehow make it in a Video blog…maybe with the drink of choice in your hand and the Mexican cheer “Salud!”

    Please continue to keep video blogging as I love to see the updates of how you guys are doing… I am going to Greece in May for a couple of weeks. I wish you guys were going to be there when I am there, but instead if you guys decide to go there and maybe we can compare some of the stories during your adventures or even provide suggestions…

    Note: I tried both links on this page “Buy us a Drink!” and they both reulted in a “Fatal Error” page. No worries, I was able to find the link again on Karen’s site, but I don’t want you guys to lose some free drinks by this same issue for other willing contributors.

    Have a good day/night and stay safe!

    Your cousin,

  4. mattholmes says:

    thanks kyle, you’re good to us. And look for your toast, though it may end up coming from french polynesia rather than mexico, we’ll see! again, though, wish we could meet up and who knows maybe it will happen. best, matt

  5. Gavin Ricci says:

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