Mar 15

Our view

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some images and video between Ensenada and La Cruz

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  1. Rob Levy says:

    Great shots Matt! Have enjoyed your blog and will continue to check you guys out. By the way, was in LaPaz recently and found a cool cruising club there. When I get a chance, I’ll e-mail you there website. Cheers to you and your wife. Rob Levy

  2. hyo-jung says:

    hello matt & karen,
    yes, we heard you on the net. just come on by any time. look forward to meeting you guys. by the way, fancy blog!

  3. Livia says:

    Thanks for the post on your heavy weather experience. I’m also curious what camera you are using? I saw Karen’s post on Io’s blog – please give them a big hug from Livia & Carol if you see them.

  4. mattholmes says:

    re: the hugs, will do. The camera is a canon 1dsMkII. A note though–the pics came through a little desaturated as a result of iPhoto dropping the icc profile during the conversion to jpegs, which is one of those things that I used to be paid to take care of and of which now I feel little concern over. Next time I’ll take the time to make them right . . . maybe!

  5. Phil says:

    Yeah, been meaning to hassle you over the desaturated images…NOT! Amazing you are even taking the time to shoot both stills and video AND share them on the blog. Much appreciated. The whole family enjoys following the blogs. The visuals really help, especially the video. The little Exacti is perfect for the task. Those were some fairly substantial following seas in that last video and we could get some sense of how they were pushing you along. I tried something a while ago with my Exacti that was really pretty cool. I carried it around and did short 1/2-1 second bursts all day (almost like you are snapping a picture) and by the end of the day you have a montage of snippets of your day. Not sure how great that would be on the boat, but running errands in Mexico it could be very cool–even if you are just going in to do laundry–the chickens, street signs, locals, your own feet walking…no need to narrate, just snap.

  6. mattholmes says:

    good to know we have an audience, and I’ve been wanting to show a snippet of what the life is like for us, so I’ll give the video idea a try.

  7. Bruce (valiant 40-Tatoosh) says:

    great video, captures life on board. Only scene missing is trying to use the head in a lumpy sea!!
    Keep up the great work on the blog and best wishes to both of you.

  8. Rad says:

    Hey there Matt – dig checking your blogs, following the ups and downs. I am me whatever yer doin, it’s waaaaay better than hangin’ at the Williams-Sonoma shack! You must be by punta mita I think. Have you guys been up to Sayulita? Check it-cool, mellow town. Hopefully you’ll start winding down more as you spend more time in Mex..manana amigo.. I highly recommend a guitar and a surfboard on board to get rid of those naggin’ feelings ya should be doing something productive… Hey have a blast be safe, and cheers! – Rad

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