Mar 31

RIP, cactus. We’ll miss you.

Tag: musingsjonny5waldman @ 2:17 am
Oh cactus! One second you were there. And the next you were gone. We were out in the Bay, in the wind and waves. It must have been terrifying, from your planty perspective. Your spines must have been quivering, your little stumpy torso trembling in the soil. You were only two months old, and barely four inches tall. You hadn’t ever flowered, or heard many birdsongs. You were innocent. I know that you were a good, hearty, spiky plant. You never harmed anyone. You made our air richer, our lives warmer, and our boat a a little more homey. We’ll miss you. Maybe I pushed you a bit too hard. Maybe a landlubber like you didn’t like dangling from the stern of the boat. Maybe the humidity here didn’t suit your tough skin. Maybe you just missed Arizona. Maybe you got seasick and mistook up for down.. Maybe you jumped ship, hoping for the best. Or maybe you slipped into Davy Jones’ locker to put an end to it all. I don’t know. I’m just sorry it ended this way. What a tragedy, for both of us. RIP, cactus. You were a great plant, and we’ll miss you.

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  1. Jonathon Haradon says:

    I hated that cactus.

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