Mar 30

I’d like to thank my mom, my sister, my cousin, my cousin’s neighbor, my brother-in-law’s mechanic, my editor, my dog-walker’s friend’s doctor…

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It’s been almost a year since we started working on Syzygy, and sometimes, like when the engine wouldn’t start or when the lights didn’t work, or when the chaos of repair projects seemed to spread in every direction and leave no room to sit down (let alone think), standing up to face the pile of work head on has felt like a solitary endeavor indeed. Alas, lately I have been reminded how un-solitary, how befriended, I am — and how grateful I am for such help and friendship. So here’s a brief shout-out to all those who have lent a hand in some way. (If I’ve forgotten you, I apologize. I blame Craig, and the whiskey.) Liz – thanks for help on so many projects: the deck, jib car tracks, stanchions, cleats, and pushpit rails, among others. Sorry for getting epoxy in your hair and under your fingernails. It’ll come out eventually, I promise. Dave – thanks for letting me borrow/use the paint, throw cloths, and brushes again and again. And for the soup. And the beer. And the compliments. Barry and Donna – it’s so great to have such big fans. Thanks for finding the time and energy after running 20 miles to swing by. And thanks for the food/drink, also. You’re too kind. If we had more space we’d let you come with us. Pete and Ray, on board the Lady Margaret Rose – you’ve been our on-call boat support line. Thanks for helping out with the diesel engine, the compressor, and assorted mechanical issues… and for being friends. Jason and Laureen, onboard the Excellent Adventure — thanks for letting me use your table saw, and for the burrito. Jim and Jean, on board Kanga – thanks for such fine photography, steady praise, and for letting me copy the design of your table. Just because our boat’s older doesn’t mean it has to look it. Craig – thanks for the whiskey. It’s good, and almost gone. Jim (aka Maine Guy) – thanks for the steady stream of advice, and for letting me borrow some fine sailing literature. John – thanks for such fine metalwork and custom machining. We remain endlessly proud of our mast steps. Robert – for letting me borrow a carpenter’s square Scott – for donating so much electrical equipment. It’s going to good use. Heather, of Stitchcraft – thanks for playing banjo and singin’ up a storm on my birthday. If i hadn’t been so drunk, I’d say it was a birthday i’ll never forget. Lindsay Mac – for inviting me to a show, and playing a song in Syzygy’s honor. Without music I’d go bonkers. You (but not your cello, it won’t fit) are welcome on the boat anytime. Ryan – thanks for helping me paint the new shelves, and for assistance steering and soaking up the sun. Moe – thanks for the homegrown lemonade supplies. It was delicious, and helped us avoid scurvy a little longer. Chris and Lindsay – thanks for helping us sand and paint the rub rails, and for donating such awesome rope lights. It’s like a party on the boat, all the time! Matt’s dad – thanks for help troubleshooting the diesel engine, and for the oil transfer pump. There’s a seat with your name on it in the engine room. Jason, at Longacre Expeditions – for the swag and support and motivation. Zach, at Syzygy Wines – for the donation. What a kickass name! Can’t wait to raise a glass! Kati, at Rickshaw Bags – for the technical support with our new stowage system. Chris, onboard Vela – for letting us borrow your ingenious self-brushing brush. I hope Mexico is treating you well. Last but not least, thanks to the mystery mariner who’s left a variety of little goodies for us on the boat — a tub, zipties, some straps, a 1978 issue of Climbing magazine, a 1981 issue of Sports Illustrated, and an out-of-print guidebook to an obscure climbing area in Washington. You work in mysterious ways, amigo.

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  1. Matt's dad says:

    Jonny, The engine room sounds fine with me, may I come up on deck occasionally? Matt’s dad

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