Nov 25

Boys will be Boys

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I would like to extend a thoroughly vigorous thank-you to Richard Switlick, Chris Reardon, Kevin Tompsett, and Philippe Boujon, who provided the drink-link funds for Jon and myself to enjoy a correspondingly vigorous evening of refreshing alcoholic beverages.  Additionally, Karen expresses her appreciation for the quiet evening of solitude that she enjoyed while we were on the town. Thank you friends!  I regret that we do not have any pictures of the event, but I have included a great shot that Jon took of the city as it appears from our ferry stop–exactly as it appeared as we entered downtown in search of some fine Belgian beers.

Upon hearing of our male-beer-evening, a female cruising friend living down the dock from us commented that the sole topics of conversation among single men when lacking female company seem to be 1) women and 2) alcohol. Given that we are no longer single (I am married; Jon is in a relationship), she was curious about exactly what we might discuss.  A ready defense of the quality of our conversation jumped to the tip of my tongue, because I recalled that on the evening in question we had an unusually philosophical back and forth for at least two hours.  I paused before answering, however, when I realized that we had started the event at 4 and continued until 1–a duration of 7 hours–minor mental calculation says that 2 out of 7 hours is not a significant portion.  Upon further reflection, I recalled a spirited debate regarding the top three brands of each and every type of liquor present on the shelves of the bar.  And what else did we talk about? Oh, right.

I was forced to admit that the primary topics of mature non-single male conversation remain 1) women and 2) alcohol. At the same time, I regret nothing and make no apologies.

For another exhibit of male arcana, I present the preferred method for one dude to cut another dude’s hair.  I think you will agree with me that it is a paragon of efficiency: note in particular the minimal amount of male-male contact and the utter lack of escaping stray hair.

7 Responses to “Boys will be Boys”

  1. Jon Losey says:

    This is Jon, Janelle and Libby’s friend from the bay area. I just wanted to say congratulations on the finishing of an adventure and the starting of another. All the best,


  2. Gary says:

    looks like a good haircut

  3. Allison says:

    That is seriously the most hilarious video I have ever seen! Kudos to all involved, including the camera woman, I presume.

  4. Mom says:

    You need to copyright that haircut! Where did you get your practicality from? Can you cut mine when you get home? Mom

  5. Tucker Bradford says:

    This is awesome. I have been seriously wondered what I will do for haircuts at sea. I cut everyone else’s hair in my family but can’t cut my own. Now we have a tutorial for Victoria (or a dude) to follow. Thanks for that! Oh and way to go on crossing the pacific. We would love to hear about your trip when you get back to the Bay.

  6. Scott Crane says:

    Ha! Giving a buddy a haircut is true brotherhood. Guys, I really do miss our BS sessions, save for those incredibly-boring, never-ending, pseudo-intellectual debates.

  7. Jeff Stewart says:

    Congratulations! I should have checked your site, because my wife and I were down in Brisbane for Casey’s wedding from the 16th-23rd. On our trip, one of our guys met an Australian girl in a bar in Tonga. He ended up marrying her two weeks ago.

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