May 22

Seeking volunteers for…

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…Boat work!

It’s slow! It’s frustrating! It’s messy! And expensive!

There’s tons to do!

You won’t finish half of what you started, and you won’t start half of what you wanted to!

Small project? It’ll probably grow bigger than you ever feared possible!

Big project? Just be glad you don’t have to deal with it for the next month!

  • Unemployed? Come on by!
  • Energy to burn? Come on by!
  • Unskilled? That’s OK! On-the-job training provided
  • Like drinking on the job? So do we!

Why not? Who cares? NOBODY!

For more information, contact Jonny, on Syzygy, at the Emeryville Marina.

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  1. Psycho Killer says:

    Volunteers you say? Hot dog! Since I escaped from prison I have loads of time on my hands. I’m good with an axe, hammer, blade, chainsaw, and my bare two hands. I’ll swing by some night soon when all the potential witnesses are asleep. Thanks for the invite!

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