Jul 15

IFAQ (infrequently asked questions) for the new boat owner

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Why is there water coming out of our cabinets??? We overfilled the water tanks and water came out of the vent hose which is nicely positioned in the cabinets right above the brand new stereo we just installed. When I looked over and saw our new radio hidden behind a waterfall I was extremely confused. How many grommets does it take to secure a windlass cover? The boat originally had 5, but Jonny determined that the best answer was 12. We can be assured that our new windlass cover will not be lost overboard. Ever. (n.b. the cover for our entire mainsail only has 8 grommets.) How many hundreds of dollars of epoxy and hundreds of hours of time does it take to build and fiberglass wooden water tanks?? Roughly $1200 and 300 hours. We are now thoroughly convinced without one shred of doubt that we should have never torn apart our steel water tanks and we should have hired a welder instead. Is it possible to start your engine with your arm and an errant wrench? Yes. Jon freaked out when he was laying on top of the engine, working on the fuel filter, when he unexpectedly received a painful burn and the engine started cranking underneath him. Thereby accidentally discovering how to short the starter solenoid. Why is water squeezing up from between our floorboards when we walk around? Jury hasn’t yet returned a verdict on this one. Most likely explanation is a defective foot pump. No matter what, I can tell you this: it will require at least three more trips to the chandlery, approximately $1000 in unforeseen expenses, two gallons of epoxy, 300 rubber gloves, two days of sanding, and a whole lot of work we didn’t anticipate.

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  1. NCG says:

    Installing grommets must be as cool as installing rivets.

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